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Our anti-snoring mouthpiece is your key to undisturbed sleep, addressing the root cause of snoring. This device opens your airway, reducing snoring sounds by gently holding your chin and tongue forward.

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality

    • Ensuring top-notch quality for your sleep solution.
  • Snoring Solution with Personalized Fit

    • Open your airway, reduce snoring, and enjoy personalized comfort.
  • Relationship-Enhancing Sleep

    • Affordable, effective, and relationship-friendly – your gateway to a good night's rest.
  • Sara

    "Great material and great value for the price!I love this bag, it's great for organizing when I'm on the go!"

  • James

    "Exactly as in the photo. Now you have to get used to keeping it all night it is not yet won after a week."

  • Micheal

    "The material looks good quality"


The adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece from Accu offers cozy assistance to the lower jaw. This subtle adjustment proficiently widens the airway, ensuring unimpeded airflow during sleep and effectively putting an end to snoring.

The groundbreaking aspect of this invention lies in the capability to advance the jaw forward while allowing for some flexibility, eliminating the need to immobilize it throughout the night. This inventive approach, now protected by a patent, has garnered widespread acclaim worldwide, providing a remedy for snoring by encouraging the forward movement of the jaw with flexibility, resulting in a clear airway and the cessation of snoring.

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